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How to Improve Your Life

Welcome to How to Improve Your Life. This is a blog I’ve put together to document the many hints, tips, and suggestions that I have proved beneficial for improving one’s life.

Back Story

My own life hasn’t been ideal. Like many others, things have happened that has caused darkened spirits, stress, and negative feelings. My brother and I fought about stupid things every day of my childhood. I grew up around a dad who grumbled and a mom who contradicted almost everything I said because I was that way myself, so I sort of picked up my dad’s grumbling and became defensive as a result of Mom’s opposition.
Downloading Future

I went to junior high and had one whole friend whom I complained to about almost everything. She finally had enough of my poor attitude and told me, “If you want to have friends and succeed in life, you’d better learn to develop a positive attitude.” Well, that didn’t set well with me; I was who I was, and if she didn’t like it, I’d be better off without her; except, I found out how lonely and disheartening it was being alone at junior high.

Still, I went on with my lousy, negative attitude until the Internet arrived, and I started reading about ways to improve your life. I compiled all sorts of methods to try out, like developing a positive attitude, how to get along with people you’d rather not have anything to do with, and serving others as a way to feel better about yourself. I tried it all and found it worked for me.

Yes, my brother and I started getting along better when I discovered for myself that it really does take two to argue. My mom stopped being contradictory when I developed a better attitude and started listening to what she had to say instead of taking everything as a personal assault, and my dad … well, he was born a complainer, but when I started laughing and telling him how funny he was, he’d laugh, too, and that helped me to stop taking everything so seriously.

It’s a fact that we need a little humor in our lives.

The Results are In:

I was so encouraged when people started telling me that I’ve changed for the better that I decided to write: Life is Making the Pieces Fit: how to be who you want to be. It’s a book that covers many of life’s aspects to help your world become a better place to live in. The methods I wrote about in my book have worked for me, and I’ve seen them work for others; therefore, I’ll be posting articles as well as quotes and other things from my book in this blog that I hope you will find helpful.

Thanks for dropping by,

Evolution of a So-Called Book

Let me share with you the story of how this book came to be. It started as a joke book, believe it or not. The year was 1993. I was watching television and was sort of put off at how products were advertised and how characters were portrayed on various programs and in a moment of exasperation, I started talking logic at the television set. Well, the person I was watching the programs with started laughing as if I were being funny.

Why? And, since when is logic funny?

I tried the same thing with other people, who also laughed and told me how funny I was. So, I decided to start writing all the assumed funny stuff down. I always heard that one-liners were supposed to be funny so I formatted it as a joke book of one-liners. I also drew an illustration for each category, spent about eight months putting it all together and then real life interrupted my progress. I put the unfinished manuscript in a dresser drawer while I dealt with the life event and then forgot all about the book.

For awhile anyway. My book, then uncleverly titled: Life Is a Bunch of One-liners, did pop up in my mind every now and then, and I always did mean to finish it. In February, 2014, I got it out, reread it and discovered it was pretty bare-bones. I then wrote (what I hope is) meaningful text to fill the skinny thing out, make it meaty. So, no longer is it just an emancipated joke book; it's a joke book intermixed with plenty of serious stuff to round it out because that's exactly how life is. However, I realize not everyone will find the humorous parts all that amusing; that depends on what everyone's individual definition of humor is.

Life Is: Making the Pieces Fit is about how to deal with the negatives while finding hope and humor among all the bad stuff that happens in our lives. It's about us and other people, too. Yes, relationships and coping, loving, and trying not to hate. Life really is like a puzzle that we put together piece by piece as we grow and mature until we complete the picture of who we really are. Some of the pieces are good and some are bad, but they're ours.

I have self-published it because there's too much competition in the publisher's and agent's world to even consider they would take me under their wing. I'm just hoping people will stumble on it, somehow, and maybe actually like it, or have it brighten somebody's day, or help them out of a doldrum, and have a positive experience come from my little book.

So, if you've seen my old blog, I'm sure you'll like this new look, and thanks for visiting!

Life Gets Better Just Looking at a Table of Contents?

For anyone interested, here is a peek at the table of contents for LIFE IS MAKING THE PIECES FIT: how to be who you were meant to be


                                LIFE IS:

     Puzzle Piece 1    A BUNCH OF COLLECTIONS, Page 1

     Puzzle Piece 2    CONTROLLED BY MACHINES, part 1, Page 17

     Puzzle Piece 3    QUICKSAND … AND A ROPE, Page 27

     Puzzle Piece 4    DRIVEN BY, Page 35

     Puzzle Piece 5    AVOIDING UNADULTHOOD, Page 43

     Puzzle Piece 6    CONTROLLED BY MACHINES, part 2, Page 51

     Puzzle Piece 7    A PEARL NECKLACE, Page 61

     Puzzle Piece 8    THE POINTS SYSTEM, Page 69

     Puzzle Piece 9    CHARACTER FLAWS, Page 81

     Puzzle Piece 10  ONE QUESTION AFTER ANOTHER, Page 91

     Puzzle Piece 11  CONTROLLED BY MACHINES, part 3, Page 97

     Puzzle Piece 12  FORMULA FOR PONDERING, Page 105

     Puzzle Piece 13  FINDING REFRESHING THINGS, Page 111

     Puzzle Piece 14  GOOD THINGS TO SAY, Page 117

     Puzzle Piece 15  CONTROLLED BY MACHINES, part 4, Page 129

     Puzzle Piece 16  DOING THINGS THAT COUNT, Page 137

     Puzzle Piece 17  THINGS THAT COUNT IN REVERSE, Page 143

     Puzzle Piece 18  QUESTIONING RELIGION, Page 149

     Puzzle Piece 19  MACHINES UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Page 157

New Post: My Virtual Life and What it Means

I just posted an article for my How to Improve Your Life blog. You can find it on the sidebar.

New Feature: Illustrations

I've decided to add the colored versions of the illustrations that are in my book. You can find it on the tabs bar above if you want to take a look at my crude drawings. I never did take any art lessons, and warning: I'm neither good nor bad at drawing things.

My Book is Finished!

After several edits (and I do mean several), my book is actually available at Amazon.com for those interested in seeing it. The "Look Inside" feature is now live.